Where To Find Business Email Addresses

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing which uses the medium of electronic mail to broadcast commercial or fund-raising messages to the target market. Virtually every email sent to a potential customer could be considered to be email marketing.

Email marketing can often enhance the standing of a company with its existing customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Email marketing can also be used to send email messages with the intention of aquiring new customers or persuading current clients to buy something.

Sometimes advertisements can also be added to email messages sent by third party companies to their contacts.

According to industry research over US 0 million a year is being spent on email marketing in the USA alone.

There are pros and cons of using email marketing in comparison to traditional direct mail.

Advantages of email marketing are that conversions are far easier to track, so the exact ROI can be calculated much more precisely. Advertisers can also reach a lot of email subscribers (ie. people who have requested information to their inbox). Over 50% of internet users read their emails every day.


Disadvantages include the problems of email deliverability. Only about 56% of emails are delivered to their destination. The rest are filtered or rejected by email servers.

Businesses who are implementing email marketing programs should ensure that their email content adheres to relevent legislation like the CAN-SPAM act in the USA and the European Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in the UK and Europe.

The majority of email marketing is sent to individual subscribers who have chosen to receive the communication. Usually the customer will fill in a form requesting information, then they will click a link in an email to confirm their request. This prevents any emails being sent unsolicited.

B2B email marketing is also becoming very popular and increasingly is being used as an alternative to business to business telemarketing because it is less expensive and less intrusive. Lists of company email addresses are being sold online however, the quality of the data is often suspect with many records being out of date or inaccurate.

A solution to the problem of sourcing reliable data exists in the form of the Email Marketing Robot, a software application designed by a group of marketing experts in the UK. Just give the software the classifications of companies you would like to email and the geographical areas then the robot starts finding the businesses email addresses and sends them a personalised email on your behalf.

Ongoing use of email marketing can provide superb returns on investment. With the cost of sending an email being a fraction of the cost of sticking a stamp on a piece of direct mail, email marketing is well worth exploring!

A solution to the problem of obtaining up to date data comes in the form of the Email Marketing Robot, a desktop app designed by a group of marketing professionals in the UK. Just provide the software the types of businesses you want to contact and in which areas then the robot goes to work finding the businesses email addresses and sends them a personalised email on your behalf.

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