Want email list? Quick methods of making email list for new website

If you are thinking about email marketing, then you must have a good email list. A good email list is required if you want to sell your goods or service and want to move to the market in which the conversion rate is high. There are so many ways of making email lists. A lot of people believe that an opt-in email list is best. But, there is a question. How will you make an email list using your website if you are getting no traffic and your website is new.

This is called a vicious circle of getting traffic. To make an email list, you need to have traffic, so that people come on your website and subscribe by entering email ID. So, it is not possible for a new website for getting an email list. So what is the right way?

Using Email Extractor is NOT a good way to make an email list. Why? because email IDs on the internet are from the corporate or the business sector. You can not send your general goods, services or the SEO tools and related services to these sectors. If you are selling some general goods then you need general public email IDs, which are not available on the internet.


What is the solution, then? Today’s internet market has become a high profile marketing. So many wonderful tools are available with the help of which you can make a great position in the internet marketing. But all tools are not such useful. I will recommend Acute Email IDs Production Engine for making email list. This tool is not less than a wonder. This tool DOES NOT require you to make a website, blog or do any advertisement and you also need NO traffic. Everything required for making an email list is available with this product. You just need to download and run this program.

How it works? You define a country you want to target e.g. US, UK or Canada or any other country, it uses common names of the people of that country and suffix a domain like gmail, yahoo or any other you want with those names. A list of thousands of email IDs is ready to use. You send email at those email IDs and see the cash coming in. A lot of internet marketer are using this product. Because, when you have an email list having one million email IDs then you can expect one thousand sale from that list, this is called law of averages.

This way, you can make an email list in a superfast way. No Website, Blog or Traffic is required. Just by using such kind of tools will change your business. The best thing is that such tools are easy to use and according your budget.


Chetan Ahuja is a Double Master Degree holder as he is M.Com, M.Phil. He has completed his M.Com and M.Phil. in Electronic Commerce both in first division. He has also worked as a lecturer in commerce for few years. He writes articles about Online Selling, Money Making and About Making thesis and dissertations. His articles keep on being published on the different sites.

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