Responsive Email List: Create Your Email List in 90 Days

A lot of people wonder how to build a responsive email list. The reason people wonder this is because with the responsive email list you can pretty much write your own paycheck online. So a lot of new people getting on the internet, their main goal is to actually build a list of email subscribers so they can send them offers and make money. The interesting thing about building a responsive email list is that even the way you think about it may cause you to fail. The point I’m trying to make is that if you think about an email list as an email list, you’ve already failed. An email list is actually a list of real people that have real needs and that want to get their problems solved whatever that may be in their lives. They may want to lose weight, they may wanna make money on the internet, they may wanna get out of debt, they may wanna fix their credit, and so on. So when thinking about the email list the first thing you have to realize is that the people on your email list are actually real people. They’re not just emails. If you think of them as real people it will be a lot easier for you to build a responsive email list. Because now, instead of interacting with your email list as just numbers, you’ll actually treat them just like real people and that’s what you need to do in order too build a responsive email list. First, you have to treat your email list like real people.

The next step is you have to find different ways to get people to view your offer, usually a free offer, in order to get them on your email list. The best way to do this is actually by setting up a landing page called squeeze page where the only thing they can do is enter their name and email address and people will exchange their name and email address with you for the ability to get some information from you for free or a product from you for free. So what I would suggest when you’re first getting started, when you’re thinking about building a responsive email list is actually giving away the product you were gonna ¬†sell initially for free.


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