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As a entrepreneur you have probably listened to this over and over; “The money is in the list.” In other words, the more names you have the more money you earn.

I was blown away with the information presented on a recent webinar. Hopefully I will be able to pass the information on to you.


The 9 Step Formula


1. Compose Headlines that grab your attention

2. If / Then – If you have this dilemma … Then you do this…

3. Here’s Why – Describe how you had the same predicament or tell them why this is an crucial issue

4. Problem Agitate – Clarify why this is a obstacle, how it will affect their business, etc

5. Release – Simply say you have the answer to their problem

6. The Solution – Show how your product or service will fix their problem

7. The Offer – Make an offer they can’t repudiate

8. Risk Removal – a promise of satisfaction or your email address is safe with us

9. PS: – Move them away from their dilemma – solve the problem


Please check out my first undertaking using the 9 Step Formula


How To Build A Email List: Top Marketers List Building Tip



As a marketer you have possibly heard this over and over; “The money is in the list.” In other words, the more prospects you have the more money you make. It’s basic math: 5% of 10,000 is a lot more than 5% of 1000.

Many people find that creating a list can be difficult; it can take time to get an adequate number of people on your list. I tried for over a year to build my first list, maybe you were even on it. It can be frustrating at times trying to figure out how to get more prospects to join your list.

Without significant numbers on your list your marketing efforts will be greatly hindered. You can have a really great product or service, but if you can’t get the word out to your target market you will have few buyers.

No Sales – No Money

I Have Discovered a Superior, Faster Way to Build Your List

Not long ago I learned how to build a list of hundreds of subscribers in just a couple days time. The trick is to use other peoples list, and Tim Castleman shows you exactly how easy it is to do this.

Now you can uncover this secret yourself. Fortunately Tim recorded his webinar and is letting me share it with you. I paid much more to attend his webinar live, however you can watch the webinar AND get a transcript of the webinar for only .77.

Each minute that you delay will cost you money, can you afford that?

Don’t worry; your name and email address won’t be shared with anyone else! I know how much spam email we all get, so you are safe with us.

Thanks ,


PS: Remember time is money. Don’t miss out on how to add hundreds of subscribers to your list in just a day or two. Get the webinar recording now.

FYI: The above list building webinar is an actual webinar, just click on How to Build a Email List to get your copy PLUS transcript.


I would be appreciative of your feedback or comments. I hope this has been of  help to you and has even given you some ideas to move your marketing forward.


Dr. David K. Enders is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and coach. After 35 years in practice Dr. Enders closed his Chiropractic Clinic to pursue a career in Network Marketing. He soon realized that if your business is not on the Internet you’re not in business. In his search to learn Internet Marketing Dr. Enders spent years learning the ins and outs of marketing online. Dr. Enders now helps others to take tangible action to get the right results to save time and money in business. He encourages people to think in ways that are constructive to improving their lives.

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