How to make email marketing big for small businesses

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Email marketing can bring gold for small businesses, if done correctly. Email gives you the ability to communicate on a personal level. It’s fast and less expensive. Email marketing has lots of benefits for small businesses. At the same time email marketing has certain expectations from its users.

As a small business owner, before preparing and executing your email campaign you should

Always keep your business goals in mind

Ask “Are you giving enough to them to get response and encourage sales?”

Always send email to those who have given you permission

Provide an enticing reason , good offer, discounts, free gifts, to sign up


Never forget that content is the king, so pay special attention

Test, test and test before sending the emails

Your testing should conclude:

Plain text v. HTML

Most suitable day(s) in a week

Most suitable time in a day

Email list divided into various segments and which email will go to each segment

More about content:

To impress a customer is not based on how much money you spend per campaign or how big you are. It demands creativity and understanding the people for whom it’s designed. Your email content should be impressive and convincing enough to gain trust. Later, this trust becomes a long-term relationship.

Social networking in email marketing:

Today, email recipients have lot more expectation from your promotional emails. Expecting a Twitter or a Facebook button is definitely one of them. As a marketer you have to understand this. Not only you will impress them but also those tiny buttons can do real good for you in terms of growing your email list.

Email marketing is a great channel for small businesses as it doesn’t require huge money. Small businesses should take email marketing more seriously and be more thoughtful about it.



Joseph Matthew is an IT decisionmakers email list, IT users email list, IT executives email list seller at List2Tech from past 2 years & also working as email marketing consultant with the same company

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