DIGITAL SNIPERS: The Deadly Science of Targeted Opt In Email Lists

Opt in email lists are one of the most profitable assets you can have as an online business owner. Unfortunately for most marketers, they go at the list building part “bass akwards”. In this quick article, I’m going to expose the biggest mistake new marketers make when they try to build their opt in email lists, and how you can take a “Snipers position” in the market place for increased profits year round:

Before we dive into sniper boot camp here, ask yourself a question…

Which of these two opt in email lists do you want?

First Opt In Email List: Size: 15,000, “Market”: they all like dogs.

Second Opt In Email List: Size: 534, “Market”: they all raise German Shepherds.

For most people who know a thing or two about email marketing, the choice between these two opt in email lists is simple: You take the one with more people on it right?



Because the first list isn’t actually targeted. Sure, people on opt in email lists like that all have something in common, but when it’s something vague like “liking dogs” you don’t really have an attentive audience. First off, you don’t even know if those people OWN dogs, or just like them in theory. Secondly, there’s no offer you can make that will have mass appeal to opt in email lists like that, short of maybe a DVD about “cute dogs” (even then, good luck).


With opt in email lists like the second option, you’ve actually got a business. Even though it’s really small, you know that every person on your opt in email lists are looking for help and information about raising German Shepherds.

That means, you can pull out your marketing sniper rifle and start eliminating their problems one by one.

You might sell a DVD course about making a German Shepherd play pen in the back yard for little to no money…

You might subdivide that list into smaller opt in email lists of people who just breed the dogs for fun, and people who do it for profit. Then you can send even more relevant offers to each of your new, even smaller opt in email lists.

A mailing to only 200 people who all breed German Shepherds for profit could make you 15, 20, or even more sales.

When you’re building opt in email lists, always keep in mind that the more targeted you are in the lead generation stage, the more money you’ll make when it comes time to sell a product.

Email marketing is a complex world, and building opt in email lists that actually translate to real cash in hand can seem like a daunting task. Most people who get started give up, or make so many mistakes along the way they wish they had.

To avoid the major blunders, and maximize your chance for success, check out the free video below:

And as a word of encouragement: It’s not as hard as it might sound to build opt in email lists that actually produce results. A little prior planning when it comes to targeting your market can make a world of difference down the line.

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