Email List Management – 4 Rules Of Thumb

Email is a good way to communicate with your customers and build enthusiasm for your brand for a fraction of the cost of communicating through other mediums such as direct mail, radio, and television advertising. Just remember these rules of thumb:

Email is a tool for customer retention
Email is a good way of moving potential customers through the sales pipeline, while keeping your current customer engaged in your company and stimulating business from them. However, if you find yourself using email to try to acquire new customers that you do not have a previous business relationship with, you are going down the wrong path and it will probably be a waste of time and money.


To manage your email list you probably will need a software tool
The first thing companies often do to save money on their email list management is try to send using Outlook or some other email client by listing all their contacts in the bcc field. This quickly becomes unmanageable because:

It is hard to keep track of and manage email bouncebacks -
emails that do not reach their intended recipient; Unsubscribe requests take time and energy to manage and get lost; Mail servers get clogged up and you can slow down email for the whole office. Once you have decided that you need to manage your email list with a software tool, you can choose either a hosted, desktop solution. Desktop solutions, although faster than Outlook and easier to manage, still leave the person managing the email lists with the same problems listed above. A solution that many companies end up turning to is a web-based hosted email list management. There is a monthly subscription fee associated with these types of software. But ask yourself “Is it worth 0 a month to save the time and effort of trying to manage these lists on my own, block up my company’s mail servers, and not get the benefit of tracking data?” A lot of people say yes.



Divide your names into lists based on interest areas
The way to keep customers on your lists is to let them control the frequency and content of the messages that they receive. Two mistakes often made by companies are to lump all customers into one list and send them all e-communications or to create separate lists for each mailing. Both of these mistakes will end up forcing the email recipients to either be “all in” or “all out”. The best way to manage your lists are to divide them into interest areas, for example Conference Updates, Alumni News, New Music Reviews, and always import your customer data into these “interest area” lists. Segmenting based on demographic or other information should then be done within the given interest area.


Email should follow your company brand
HTML emails are just little web pages that are sent to people’s inboxes. They should look like your website miniaturized in most cases. Keep the width small – less than 620 pixels wide – so that they can be viewed in the smaller email client browser window. Also, forget about using javascript. The end user will get warnings that make the email appear like it has a virus attached to it. Do not forget that images used in HTML email must be hosted on a server and have full URL paths.


If you follow these rules of thumb, email could become one of your most vital communication mediums with your customers.

We are a permission-based email service provider for business.See more at

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How to Use Business Email and B2B Database to promote Your Business

Generally people who are into new business or peoples with existing business often think about the possible ways to market their product in the industry. When it comes to internet, there are several ways to promote your business. For example social network sites, blog post, link building, passing business email for your business website etc. this is one of the internet strategies used to bring traffic to your business website.

Business email is an important process among the marketing strategies. This method is much simple and more effective on promoting the product and unique from the above mentioned strategies.

Business email is meant for the account or address which serves like a form of your business contact. Each and every transaction and inquiries related to your business through the   business email  accounts were saved therewith the senders or receivers mail address. In case if you are decided to have a  business email  service then you can go for a paid  business email  service. There are some important benefits in the paid  business email  list. Huge storage space, personalized email contact and anti spam features along with  business directory  or  business b2b database. Generally everybody knows that once if your mailbox is filled then there will be no new mails are received. There are several possibilities to lose an inquiry of a potential customer in the business. With huge memory space in the business email account you can probably store the inquiries so that there are no possibilities of losing the data of a potential client. The anti spam feature helps you on monitoring business email along with the business to business list so that they can prevent unwanted malicious and spam mails on your business email account. However you are utilizing the internet and the email services for communication purpose, the systems can be affected by the malicious virus attacks and the data’s and files stored in the computer may be spoiled which leads to ruin your business.

There are also free host services available which offers free  business email  for your business. But there is a lot of possibilities of malicious virus attacks in the free host services and even they do not have enough memory space. Moreover the name which offered to you will not professional or unique. This may be a drawback for your business to promote your product. Having a  business email  service along with  business to business list  or  business directory  can attracts several customers which results in increasing the confident level of them about your professional and reliable business product. And the business email address can also easily recall due to its uniqueness.

The above mentioned are the important reasons which states you the importance of the business email and the  business to business list  on promoting your business. Business email  is a better way of promoting your business and definitely it will bring more customers which results in increased business.

Need huge business to business list for promoting your product through business email? Visit Stirista. com, the web site of Stirista Global HQ where exactly you can find the world’s largest business b2b database and business directory etc with affordable price.

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Build Email Lists

Before you get all excited about building an opt in email campaign through a capture page, ask yourself which is more important: the quality or quantity of the contacts in your list?

If you ask me, I would rather have people on my list whom I have previously communicated with, rather than a list of prospects I have yet to get to know.

In the Small Business List Building book I advise small business owners to attract, engage and develop a relationship with prospects first, before directing them to a capture page to become part of their business email lists. Call your prospects, send them relevant emails, invite them to seminars or give out freebies.

Whatever you do to get their attention, make sure it is valuable to them, not to you. By doing this, you can be sure that your prospects are more likely to opt-in to your contact list when they get to your capture page.


Using a capture page or landing page is a great marketing strategy to build an opt-in email list, but as I have said, it is more effective when you have already established a relationship with your prospects.

Small business owners should understand that capture pages are not the end-all and be-all of email list building. Sure, it can help drive traffic to your site, but it is the quality of prospects in your opt-in list that matters. Someone who has already been to your website, has responded to your emails or has commented on your blog is a warm prospect and a potential buyer. This is who you should be going after.

Creating capture pages should be an essential part of your customer relations building system and I know you are excited to learn how to create effective, quality capture pages. You definitely need to learn what makes a great capture page — one that attracts prospects to sign up for your emailing lists and produces a high rate of conversion.

Small Business List Building discusses this in more depth, but have a think about these two important issues first: WHY should you want to lure your prospects through a customer relationship building system and ultimately, to your contact list, and why should you never bombard them with every offer under the sun. I will be exploring this in a future article.

John Osgood writes about and teaches small business owners how to market their companies and products online for a zero to small cost.
John maintains a strict policy of building a relationship and not “HAMMERING” his subscribers with constant email offers!

His 5-day e-course for Small Business owners who want to build a huge email list can be downloaded here: Head over to to get your FREE copy now!

There also many other resources for the Small Business owner including Podcasts and a blog which you can check out by going to:

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Your Choices For Making Money With Your Site

If you are just starting out, then you have to find out if product development or affiliate marketing is for you. The majority of new marketers have a challenging time choosing, and in that case affiliate products are a superior way to go. There are a selection of typical monetization strategies that most people are likely to use. Product selection as an affiliate will make or break your success. Next, avoid trying to cast a wide net through monetizing too much with different programs. If you have lots of offers on your site, subsequently some people will find that inappropriate and distracting from your content material.

The major affiliate networks include Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare and Amazon. You possibly can spend the rest of your life just using those four sites and never come close to promoting everything. People enjoy affiliate marketing considering almost all the work is accomplished by the networks. The rest is covered including billing, refunds, shipping and just about anything else. The ideal approach is to find a market, or niche, that spends dollars and match them with a great product or service.

Producing a totally passive income stream is the next option you have for your site. You can make use of ads from certain networks on your site, and of course most people are familiar with Adsense. Adsense also has the best payout per click, as well, and naturally they have massive support material in place. Adsense comes with a learning curve, and you have to get educated about it in order to succeed. While the climate is more competitive, the net is so enormous that new marketers are still in a position to earn excellent incomes from this program.

Developing an email list and marketing to it is a thing anyone must do if the market supports it. The fantastic thing about this is you can still have optin pages and work with squeeze pages to build your list. But you must test and analyze what you are selling and to whom since your market may not react well to joining a list. Having said that, as always it all comes right down to what you are involved with. Clickbank and digital download merchandise are tailor made for email marketing. So it is evident that if you turn out to be a Clickbank affiliate, then you basically must also produce your own list.

Revenue that comes about every month like clockwork is exactly why membership sites are so great. If you are not sure of what to do, then just understand that there are a great deal of possibilities. It is not as difficult as you may think to build a solid month-to-month revenue stream. The math is very easy because you do not need to have but several hundred members to develop between one and two thousand a month. If your offer is great, then having two hundred sign-ups can readily be accomplished. You can achieve a couple of hundred with more time and effort. After that, the good part is you are able to repeat this approach in other areas, too.

Paul H has been on the internet since 1995. You can find a lot more information about internet marketing at

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Building A Marketing Agency With Email List

email marketing agency, mailing list lead, email broadcast software

If you have looked into email marketing, you have probably come across an email marketing agency or two. You may have even encountered the concept of email broadcast software and mailing list lead generation. But, if you are unfamiliar with the inner working of these strategies, they can seem very confusing. In this article, we’ll take a look at each to determine how they work and how they can help grow your business.

Email Marketing Agencies
An email marketing agency can help you to design a direct email marketing campaign to promote your business and increase your sales. Though each agency works differently, most offer advice on mailing list lead generation, introductory emails, email design, email list management, sales promotions, and database marketing. If you need extra help, you be able to find an email marketing agency that can offer you email broadcast software to help you build, send, and track emails.

If you are unfamiliar with building campaigns and email strategies, an agency can offer you the information you need to become an expert on the subject. Most agencies will also provide you with marketing tips to help drive readers to your website and get them to opt-in to your email list.


The price you pay for these types of services can vary significantly. Unfortunately, so can the results. If you are thinking about hiring an email marketing agency, be sure to check their credentials, and ask plenty of questions about how their process works. You may also want to question why the agency stands out among their competitors. If they can’t provide you with a good answer, consider contacting another email marketing agency that can offer you more.

Email Broadcasting Software
All companies should have the ability to communicate with their customers efficiently and effectively. Using email broadcasting software can make this a whole lot easier. With software, you can bring your email marketing management in house. This ensures that your email list won’t get into the wrong hands, and you will not have to worry about unexpected and unfounded surcharges. Software can be used for newsletter distribution, email marketing, promotions, and much more.

Good email broadcasting software has mailing list creation and editing, email message composition tools, and professional email broadcast. Great email broadcasting software has everything mentioned in the previous sentence, plus data-processing tools, link and email tracking, a bounce-back pickup system, mailing list lead theft protection, an integrated sign-up page, and a double opt-in option.

Mailing List Lead Generation
If an email marketing agency or email broadcasting software won’t bring you the leads you need, you can look into the many companies who offer mailing list lead generation. These companies can provide you with qualified leads that you can use to find new customers. However, you will want to be very careful. It is important to get leads suited to your business. If you can’t turn the leads into customers, any work or money that you have spent will turn out to be a waste.

Information on magnolia butterflies can be found at the Magnolia Tree Care site.

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The List Edge System Review by Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah – Does it work? Should you buy The List Edge?

The List Edge System by Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah

Click here if you’d like to be directed to the official website of The List Edge Review

There’s a great deal of hype, hope and anticipation surrounding the release of “The List Edge”.  Could this be the next “big” thing?  There’s only one true way to find out.  For me, I was fortunate enough to get some information on this product before the launch.  This is arguably the biggest launch in quite some time.  I know many of you are wondering if this is another scam.  You want to know if you should buy The list Edge or not.  I strongly urge you not to make a decision until you’ve read The List Edge Review found here.


Who created The List Edge System?

Peter Lenkefi and Gabor Olah are the producers of The List Edge Course. Peter and Gabor are two expert internet marketers with tons of experience developing profit earning systems. They’ve helped tons of people get started making money from home.

In the internet marketing world reputation is just about everything.  These guys have a great reputation giving almost instant credibility to anything they create.  They have a proven track record of producing solid money making systems.

What is The List Edge?

The List Edge is exactly what its name suggests.  It’s a list building coaching program which shows you how to create your own opt in email list.  We all know there’s a tremendous amount of power and money found in having your own email list to market your product or service to.  In this day and age it’s absolutely essential to develop your own email list.

The List Edge consists of 7 modules.  The first module is basically an introduction and the last module explains the powerful method of utilitizing joint ventures and affiliates.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this course will help those of you who are new or struggling to make money online.

If you’d like more information on The List Edge click the link below:

The Link ==> The List Edge System


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Purchase email lists to get potential clients

Online business world extremely competitive and it is no more an easy job to catch the attention of Internet browsers as the competition is getting tougher every moment. To have an edge over others you should take the advantage of Internet marketing and purchase email lists from trustworthy mailing list brokers, which will help you to get potential clients all over the world.

Advertising and marketing through Email lists has become popular with the advent of the Internet. It allows you to reach millions of people world wide easily and in a very short time. As you decide to choose Email marketing, the first step would be to purchase email lists. These are lists of valid and active email addresses delivered in bulk and often used for widespread distribution of information. They are used for product advertisement as well. There are number of mailing list brokers from whom you can purchase email lists depending on your niche market segment. You must be careful while choosing the mailing list brokers. It is always better to purchase an opt-in or double opt-in email list from reliable mailing list brokers.


Before you purchase email lists it would be great if you do some research work on your product and the target customers for it. If you have an in-depth knowledge about the product you are advertising for, you can ask the mailing list brokers to supply a list which will satisfy your specific requirements. If the mailing list provider has some information about the company and the product, it becomes easier for them also to deliver an exclusive email list which will be highly productive.

It is important that you should get a good quality list from the provider. The email list must be able to match the objectives and target specific types of customers. There are mailing list brokers who allow you to stipulate the areas and categories of customers (like their age, sex, area of interest, etc.) your product has to target.

Purchase email lists from mailing list brokers who will be dependable enough to do all the necessary research work to make your email advertisement campaign successful. If the provider manages your personal email list it will save your time as well as bring willing customers who will actually make the purchases. Many mailing list brokers also provide needed assistance and professional guidance regarding developing the content for the email. The mailing list provider you choose must have such facilities as well as sound technical knowledge and other SEO or search engine optimization skills. Some of the providers also help you in preparing a unique and effective message which can catch the attention of the target customers without annoying the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN.

In some cases email lists delivered by the provider fails to boost your customer database. There are some mailing list brokers who actually supply some old and pre-designed lists which eventually gets you into trouble. So, you must purchase email lists from a reputed provider who will deliver a updated and targeted email lists to you. Then only you can get the quickest and most fruitful results.

Many business owners though feel traditional means of advertisement, with all their limitations, are safer email lists can be really productive if you can buy them from good and genuine source.

If you have decided to purchase email lists you should buy them from trustworthy and efficient mailing lists brokers to get the best results.

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How to Succeed in Marketing Your Internet Business: The 8 Key Steps!

How to Succeed in Marketing Your Internet Business: The 8 Key Steps!

There is a rapid growth in the number of small businesses that find it necessary to market their products and services on the internet. Customers are increasingly turning to the internet to compare product features and prices, and to purchase online. A company that does not take advantage of the Web and email to market their business can lose valuable customers.

It is getting easier and more cost-effective to market online. There are many websites, consultancies, software applications, and other tools to help you implement a successful online presence.

Here are 8 key steps to successfully market your business online:

1. Obtain a good domain name. Before you create a website for your business, you need a search engine friendly domain name. Currently, a good domain is difficult to get hold of, but the research work you put into finding an appropriate one is well worth the effort in the long run. A good domain makes it far easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find your website as they crawl the internet. Millions of domains have been purchased over the years, so it is increasingly getting more difficult to find a domain that is suitable for your business. It is very important to get a .com or .net domain name. The search engines are more likely to rate your website higher.

Some tips on selecting domain names:

Ensure that the domain name hasn’t been trademarked by someone else (check
Select one that is easy to spell.
Select one that is easy to remember. Simple and descriptive is better — it doesn’t have to be as catchy as “Google” — remember that non-descriptive names require significantly more branding effort.

2. Your Website must look professional and easy to navigate. Your website is a reflection of your business. People who come to your website will either be impressed or turned off by the level of professionalism of your site. The key methods that will help you create a great, successful and targeted traffic generating website are:

There are many websites, such as Yahoo, that will give you website templates either freely or at a minimal cost.
If you choose to, you can design a Blog using WordPress which is freely available. Alternatively, there are professional website building consultants who provide custom-built website services.


3. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate. Do not get caught up in trying to come up with dazzling and colourful website. The key to a good site is to make sure that your visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Research has shown that internet browsers tend to be impatient. With the large volume of options available, they will quickly leave your site and move somewhere else – so it is vital that you keep them interested and make their experience on your site comfortable and pleasant. Your product should be simply and clearly displayed, and making a purchase should be easy. This means a clear navigation bar and a good “search” box. Review some of your favourite sites as well as your competitors’ sites. That can help you plan how your site should be designed.

4. Build your email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to promote a business on the internet. It is a great way to communicate with customers and prospective customers. So it is imperative to collect email addresses from visitors to your website. Offer them something worthwhile for their email address — such as a discount or a free newsletter.

Make it easy to get your visitor’s email address, but also ensure you clearly state a Privacy Policy on your site describing how you intend to use their personal information. Also ensure that you are up-to-date on the laws affecting email marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act.

5. Make use of email newsletters. Utilising email newsletters is a proven method of sustaining existing customers and reaching out to potential ones. The key to an effective email marketing campaign are:

Design your newsletter very well and pay attention to the content – that is paramount. If the content is uninteresting, you will not hold your reader’s attention. Include photos and graphics. Provide multiple links back to your website.
Automate your newsletter email marketing. Software applications like Aweber can be used to setup when and how frequently you want your newsletters sent out. All you need to do is write your newsletters and upload them unto the software. You can also include the option for your recipients to opt-in. Monitor the effectiveness of your newsletter campaign.

6. Search engine optimization. Millions of searches are performed daily on the Web through Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. The search engines “spider” millions of Web pages. There is a fast-growing tool called “search engine optimization” that refers to efforts to raise your website’s ranking in search results. There are tools designed specifically for this purpose – to improve your ranking, promote your website and reach highly targeted visitors. One such tool is Web CEO, which has a free version.

7. Search engine keywords. Numerous online businesses find that keyword advertising is very effective. If for example you sell computer books on your website, you might buy a small ad or listing on Google that pops up when someone searches for the keyword “computer books”. If the search engine, Google in this case, picks up your paid ad and the searcher clicks on it, he is directed to your website and you pay on a pay per click, or “PPC,” basis to Google, for example 10¢ a click. The goal is to bring highly targeted traffic to your website.

To achieve this you need to do the following:

Research and purchase the most relevant keywords to your business.
Create ads that will compel qualified visitors to click on the ad.
The ad should lead to a page on you site that sets forth the precise product or service related to the keyword. Sending a viewer to your home page is generally not as effective as sending them to a specific product page.
Constantly review the amount you pay per click and the conversion rate of clicks that result in purchase.
Test different ad copy and different landing pages to determine what works best for your website.

8. Make it easy for your visitors to purchase. If you sell products on your website, you will need a shopping cart system and a credit card authorization process. Many companies provide such systems off the shelf, such as Yahoo! Small Business or Payloadz if you sell digital products such as ebooks. It is important that the shopping process is fast and efficient. Many websites with complicated checkout processes lose potential buyers who get frustrated with the amount of time and effort involved. Remember, online shoppers are impatient!


 Wishing you every success

Pope Moore

My name is Pope Moore, I am an analyst and entrepreneur, and I live in Sutton in the UK. Away from work and business, I have a varied interests, including listening to music, reading (mostly biographies), watching movies, walking, sports (passionate about golf  these day), and I enjoy going to the theatre and museums.

My blog is:

I run a business called Internet Commerce and I have been operating in the internet industry for over 5 years.

Pope H. Moore

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Email Marketing Tips and Keys

What are the most important Email Marketing strategies available?  This seems to be the biggest question in online business today.  A successful email campaign can mean the difference between a disastrous lull in sales or a big boon for your business.  What’s more, email marketing can create a valuable sense of connection within a target market with subscribing customers, but where do subscriber lists come from?  Though the long list of available email marketing tips may seem a bit tedious, it’s at least worthwhile to know the best ways to build subscriber lists.


Tie in with Social Media Marketing


One way to build an email list is Social Media Marketing.  Social media marketing allows customers to be involved in many aspects of a business’s day-to-day affairs.  In order to remain a useful part of any business, email marketing must keep pace with this new and growing trend.  In addition to requesting readers to become fans and asking for feedback, consider using social media to make subscriber requests as well.  Doing so may yielded access to customers’ inner circles, thus exposing your business to an even broader marketing base.



Content is Key


Another way to build subscriber lists is to keep the readers interested using valuable content.  Content should do more than just inform or sell products.  It should engage and connect with the reader, offering information intriguing enough to cause the reader to take positive action.  Use surveys and blog posts to understand the interests and motivators for your target audience.  Then, use the information to develop dynamic content that prompts the reader to willingly receive emails on a regular basis.

Use Great Graphic Design


Another great email marketing tip is to present the reader with engaging graphics and professional style.  The look and feel of an email marketing campaign can be just as important as the Web Design of a business’s website.  Take advantage of every opportunity to get readers to subscribe using informative typography and communicative clicks.  Interesting features such as sharp photos and interactive “subscribe here” buttons can also add a nice, user-friendly touch.  The key is to design campaigns with graphics that engages and connects with the readers.


Offer Valuable Incentives


Opt-in subscribers easily translate into loyal customers, so email marketing campaigns should aim to grab the reader’s attention without being intrusive.  Send emails periodically, but not too often, as too much exposure can alienate and frustrate potential customer.   Offer incentives such as coupons, free e-books, and other giveaways. The best incentives are useful and valuable to subscribers.  Once signed on, subscribers should then become eligible for even more special rewards and benefits or receive further access to desired information.


Web-based email marketing helps users manage and acquire subscriber lists as well as create and send innovative email marketing campaigns.  Email marketing sites such as Aweber offer great opportunities to launch successful email campaigns without the hassle of doing all the work yourself.  In addition, these sites offer pre-designed templates, newsletter content and offline options to increase campaign effectiveness and overall success.  A simple online search for reliable web-based email marketing services can kick start your email marketing endeavors.


Karen Barney wrote this article for inSegment. She is recommending inSegment’s digital marketing, email marketing, and email maketing services for those who are in interest.

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Free Email Marketing

Business email list services let the customers gain direct contact with the promoters, and they will take interest in the offer.

There is a great profit earning scope in the system of business email list. One might have heard about the money inside the list but there are people who may not believe into it. People who are thinking about the process involved inside it are very hard and could not be done by every person easily are actually thinking in a wrong manner and such thinking should be discarded. Many people follow the belief that great profit lies in the list but this is what is not found and managed by many business owners. The fear that they have on their mind about it being so hard and expensive makes the entire situation obscure.


One can directly turn the audience into the targets by the business email list; one can make most from the listing and emailing process because the information on the products and the services are directly provided to the people in a manner of promotion. The promotion is important and it can be helpful by the list because it not only helps entrepreneurs expand monetarily but it also provides many other benefits also.


These business email list services let the customers gain direct contact with the promoters, and they will take interest in the offer. It is also beneficial because many people would love the individual attention method which appears when a person gets an e-mail regarding something interesting. One can get good feedback from the customers which could be added as additional data, into the product. This becomes important because generally people are unenthusiastic in investing some money in anything that is different and new.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management denotes a company-wide business strategy embracing all client-facing departments and even beyond. When an implementation is effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce operational costs.



Free CRM is offer Web-based tools and software as a service, which are accessed via a secure Internet connection and displayed in a Web browser. These applications are sold as subscriptions, with customers not needing to invest in the acquisition and maintenance of IT hardware, and subscription fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing software outright.


Tools and workflows can be complex to implement, especially for large enterprises. Previously these tools were generally limited to contact management: monitoring and recording interactions and communications. Software solutions then expanded to embrace deal tracking, territories, opportunities, and at the sales pipeline itself. Next came the advent of tools for other client-facing business functions, as described below. These technologies have been, and still are, offered as on-premises software that companies purchase and run on their own IT infrastructure.


Opt-in e-mail advertising, or permission marketing, is a method of advertising via e-mail whereby the recipient of the advertisement has consented to receive it. This method is one of several developed by marketers to eliminate the disadvantages of e-mail marketing.


Opt-in free email marketing may evolve into a technology that uses a handshake protocol between the sender and receiver. This system is intended to eventually result in a high degree of satisfaction between consumers and marketers. If opt-in e-mail advertising is used, the material that is e-mailed to consumers will be “anticipated”. It is assumed that the consumer wants to receive it, which makes it unlike unsolicited advertisements sent to the consumer. Ideally, opt-in e-mail advertisements will be more personal and relevant to the consumer than untargeted advertisements.


A common example of permission marketing is a newsletter sent to an advertising firm’s customers. Such newsletters inform customers of upcoming events or promotions, or new products. In this type of advertising, a company that wants to send a newsletter to their customers may ask them at the point of purchase if they would like to receive the newsletter.


With a foundation of opted-in contact information stored in their database, marketers can send out promotional materials automatically — known as Drip Marketing. They can also segment their promotions to specific market segments.


Free Email Marketing Software – Top 5 Applications For Your Emailing Campaigns


1. E-mail Marketing Professional 2.0


Great free application that allows you to generate and send out marketing emails in a matter of a mere few seconds. Send out newsletters, coupons, promotional ads etc… Other features include importing customers email lists, auto unsubscribe, run reports and much more.


2. Sendblaster


If you are looking for ways to easily manage your mailing list, this app is for you. I personally like the user interface of this tool. Besides the standard emailing features, SendBlaster offers you the option to run some really good analytical reports on your emailing campaigns.


3. Wise Bulk Mail Sender Lite


Free email marketing software at it’s best. Use this application to send out thousands of bulk emails to your clients and customers within seconds. This great time saving solution is certainly one you should have a look at.


4. Spryka ePostMailer


Another great free piece of software. When using this application, sending out newsletters and other promotional information will become second nature to you. You are in control and personalising your campaigns with this programs is done in a whizz.


5. iContact


Although this version is not for free, I do want to mention it here. iContact is used by thousands of small businesses, Fortune 500 Companies and another half a million private users to generate effective emailing campaigns.

I am Mohan read mathematics at Stanford and remained there for his MS. From 1998-1999 on researched in Evolution and in Animal Behavior in  Camrbidge, UK. I was was then a professor in the departments of Anthropology and Biology, New Jersy College, USA. Now teaches at the department of Zoology. Carried out research in several areas of evolutionary biology, particularly in sexual selection and the comparative method.

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